Love 4 Sale


Do This for me, I’ll do That for you *_^

This is truly nothing new. For centuries before you or I arrived here on earth, men and women have sold “Love” for power, position, titles and material wealth and gain.

Then there is the age old question, “Is it wise to marry for love or for money?” and “You can grow to love the man/woman attached to the money” and “Love can’t pay the bills!” and “You can do bad by yourself!” I know that we’ve all heard it or something else similar. It’s the old, “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. You know the old “beneficial friends” *wink*.

I know and believe it is a man’s duty to protect and provide for the women in his life. And that the only women in his life, should be the one’s he is willing to do these things for instinctively. When a man loves the women in his life he naturally wants to do the above mentioned. That is of course, if the women in his life have built him up and not destroyed that natural characteristic and instinct. One does not have to bait or trick him into it. Sorry Ladies =(

This leads me to my next question: Is material gain better or is the content of the relationship better? How many of us want to be used? I mean really, do you want people to just use you or, to want nothing more from you then what they can get? How do you expect someone to truly care for you when they know you are using them? Now I know there are some people in this world who are into this type of thing, they look for needy people. I am not talking about them. I’m talking about those who deceitfully capitalize off of the weaknesses of others.

Let me put it this way, If one dates, loves, sexes… solely for what can be gained materially…what differentiates between that and prostitution? You tell me what’s the difference, but only after you’ve given it some real thought. Let it marinate for a minute, think of the similarities put the pictures side by side in your head. As adults our goals should never be to find someone to take care of us. You don’t even want to take care of yourself.  What makes you think anyone else wants to? No way my dear and there will be none of that. I mean there are just better and less dangerous ways to make a living for one’s self. Also, you need to know that you are worth more than what your sexuality can purchase.

There is no feeling like being self reliant and self sustaining. Why? Because, you never know what could happen. The person that is being relied upon could up and leave at any moment or any day. Think of the countless individuals who go in for the money and were left dry and as thirsty as an African desert in summer.  This would leave the abuser hard up for the next….ummhmmm. Now said person will be an even bigger wreck in the next relationship. Boy I feel sorry for their mates. Why? The person never took the time to learn to love and nurture self.

It is vitally important for each and every person to take the time to cultivate self. Merriam’s defines cultivation as follows; to improve by labor, care, or study.  Let me add that again, to improve by labor, care, or study. Whoa! Now imagine if we improved ourselves by labor, care and study. How bad would we truly be? It is a crime and a shame to neglect those steps.  If it is missed one will find themselves trying to be like other people who have taken the time to do so.  We actually take time to get to know other people. Well, what about taking time to get to know our own selves.  I’m saying take away media and propaganda influence on who we think we are. Then who and how would we be? I am not condemning anyone, I want for us all to be the absolute best that we can be. If that means being honest, open and candid about things others may sugar coat, so be it. But just remember that the mission and purpose will always be to inspire us to do and live better, happier, more peace-filled lives, to open the mind to critical thought and visionary imagery. To help  us think outside of the box and confidently for ourselves. 

I say this with love, never judgment or condemnation. I want to see a better you, a better us, a better world, one post at a time.

Peace, Love and Light to you all until and beyond next time *_^

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Garbage in, Garbage Out

If you only put garbage in, you can only get garbage out.

Garbage in, Garbage Out

The Importance of our Gateways

Peace, Love and Light to you all today *_^

Turn on your local news and I’m sure you’ll find that a young (even mid-age) black male has been shot, stabbed, wounded, critically injured and/or killed last night. These stories help enforce stereotypes that Blacks are criminal, savages who don’t want or know any better.

However, if it was not happening, there would be nothing to report. We see these stories and we say things like; “That’s a shame!”, “Who was it?”, “When will this senseless killing stop?” and “What’s wrong with these kids today?” I know, I’ve been there and even thought them myself.

In order to know who, what and why, you have to get to the root, so you can get to the seed of the matter or heart of the matter. Let’s say you or I were eating a piece of fruit, and someone asked me what kind it is. In order to know what type of fruit we have to know something about, the tree and what kind of seed it came from, right? That’s proof *_^

What is the cause, why is all of this madness happening? In order to know that you have to be willing to be open to things that you may have never considered. The information could possibly be things that may be beyond your understanding. So I encourage you to always do your own research. Most people today have high tech phones (or some sort of high tech gadget), be sure to use them to get knowledge. In this time of digital everything, there is no excuse. Use your media devices for more than just social networking, text, sexting, porn and so on (please do not front!). Heck don’t you pay enough for them? What is it, anywhere between $50-100.00 for a cell phone bill these days? There is a wealth of information at your fingertips.

There are many organizations that combat and attempt to eradicate the violence in the Inner City neighborhoods around the globe and I applaud such organizations. It takes Courage, Strength, integrity, morality, honor, dedication, heart and support to such things.

As human being, we operate of a constant flow or cycle of thought, feeling, and the actions they can cause. Consider if you will, the way we have been created. The head is first (the brain), then the upper and lower bodice, legs and then the feet. Careful thought was given. What we think and allow our minds to marinate and stew in, dictates how we feel about things, and how we feel generally tells us what to do. Don’t believe me? Think about the saying, “Follow your heart”. Or try this today, monitor your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. If you find yourself feeling happy, what are you thinking of? If you find yourself feeling anxious or worried, check out what you are thinking of and so on. You will be shocked.

So now that you’ve got it, let’s go a little deeper into this madness.

THOUGHTS: Negative towards injustice, miscommunication and individuals or objects for various reasons.

àFEELINGS: Hurt, Anger, Disappointment, Envy, Low Self-esteem, Pride, Lust, and Stress just to name a few .

àACTIONS: Murder, Rape, Abuse, Assault, Robbery, and so on.

Negative thoughts create à Hurt and Anger and Resentment à Can cause acts of violence. Whether we admit it or not, see it or not, understand it or not, are aware of it or not, no action is completed without thought. But we can do things unaware, when we do thing unconsciously. For instance, when we lose our keys, we unconsciously sit them somewhere. Because we were not conscious at that moment we can’t recall where we placed them. So we start thinking about how we are about to be late, or maybe immobile, we may then search with more aggression throwing things around… And it all started with the 1st negative thought about what would happen if they are not found. It may have been a fleeting and quick thought, but still a thought.

So what can be the causes of the negative thoughts and emotions plaguing us today? We see how they tie into the violence. There is no simple answer, I say what I think has a major impact on thought is and that is, “Garbage in, Garbage out”.

Garbage in, Garbage out

There are a few things we fail to seriously consider on a consistent basis. Those things are; what we eat, who and what we listen to and what we watch. The Eyes, Mouth and Ears are very important gateways into the inner you. What’s sad is that everyone looking to capitalize off of your ignorance of this, use it for their gain (I will get into that at later time).

Too often we only consider how the physical food we eat effects our bodies. How often do we consider how the mental food we eat effects our minds and what affects that has on us? What type of mental food are we, as well as our youth feeding our brains? I will tell you, we are consuming it by the ton and are mentally obese with thoughts of SEX, MONEY, DRUGS, and VIOLENCE! The mental equivalent of the bodies fat, salt and sugar =) To put is plainly, simply just psychologically obese from all of the garbage the brain has been receiving probably, our entire lives.

I feel that the saddest part is that too many of the adults who are supposed to be leaders, suffer from the same ailment. So, instead of leading, to the light, they unwittingly lead those who look up to them to darkness and destruction. Some adults are aware of the damaging results of what they do, but for the love of money and their own selfishness, it’s an even trade.

Who is teaching the youth the skills they will need to be able to conquer and excel in life to the highest heights. In order to do this, they will need to be equipped. Are we guilty of sending our youth out into this cold world without teaching them the essentials? But then again, how can one teach what one does not know? Who is teaching the black male and female the value of black life? Are we leaving up to others? Do we expect for others to care more for us then we care for ourselves? If so, then maybe that’s another part of the problem.

As Adults and Leaders, have to get and keep our own minds and lives right in order to lead the way. It cost us too much not to. We keep making the same mistakes over and over and wonder why generation after the next we get the same results. That is insane.  Can we blame the youth who have not been provided with the tools they need by those who truly care about their and their futures? Maybe we should place all the blame on the schools or place all the blame of the system, so that we are free from any personal accountability.

The lack of leadership is the blame so therefore, the leaders are the blame. And if we are not we should truly be ashamed of what our hands and selfishness has caused. We should be sick about the damaging results of our failure to lead. But we too have allowed our gateways to be intruded with negativity so we can’t help anyone else battle what we still struggle with ourselves.

One day, preferably today, we have to wake up and realize the importance of living consciously and operating collectively. We need to take the time to monitor what we allow into our beings because, out of the heart flows the issue of life.

I say this with love, never judgment or condemnation. I want to see a better you, a better us, a better world, one post at a time.

Peace, Love and Light to you all until and beyond next time *_^

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Pants on the Ground?!?!


I have never, will never could not ever, ever, ever understand this madness. How does this make sense? How does one with good sense in their head walk around and feel like this is ok?


Knowing the history of the sag.. why?! No matter what anyone say’s you can’t take that away. It will always and forever mean what it originally meant. What was that, for those who may not know? This meant that you are into relations with those of their own sex.

I have seen grown men walking around like this. I have seen some with

dirty spots, you know they have to be stank. Why would you want to show that off? Putting all your business in the street (clean or durdy) and then demand for someone to respect you?! You obviously don’t respect yourself!

Men this has got to stop. You are Kings and future Kings, Protectors, Defende

rs, Providers. Have you forgotten? Did no one ever tell you? Well you can’t say that because I just did, and if you are a lady reading this, pass it on. Remind our men of who they are, that goes for all the men you love in your life.

Men have been tricked into thinking this is cool, that this is fashionable, that this is ok. It simply yet seriously, is not ok. Men please stand up with your pants up. Please teach the young men coming up behind you the same. To have respect for yourself and for those who paved the way for you to enjoy a


nd have to freedom’s we do today.

I say this with love not hate or condemnation. I want to see a better you, a better us, a better world.

One Post at a Time.

Peace, Love and Light Ya’ll

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Think! Do if For Youself


Why do we feel like we need these things. I understand that Royalty would show off their wealth  this way, but how many of us have royal digits, in our royal bank accounts? We can’t keep living life like it’s all sport and play.  We can’t live and let others do all the thinking for us.

You can’t tell me that this quest for lavish diamond necklaces and gold is not a sport and that this is not Idolatry. It is totally unfortunate not enough people care about the meanings and blood shed behind these items.  They may say much of the business is no longer bloody, but people have been killed, kicked off their land and worse. All this to get other people these things. Or does it not matter until it’s your lost. Sometimes it is, look at how people get robbed and killed all the time to take these items once purchased from someone else. Lives are lost to get them and live are lost to wear and keep them. Precious loves

My African American people were forced to wear chains round their neck. Big chain links, how does this then become something that people kill each other for? How then do this truly make any sense?

People go out and buy this stuff, they spend hundreds, thousands, on such a horrible investment. Most of it, especially in the hood has been cut and is not worth what’s paid for it.

I believe that our ancestors would disown us.  I think they would be totally dishonored, to see their descendants willing to walk around with big ridiculous chains around their necks.  Why? Because the smart one is not the one who purchased it but the one who walked away with your money.  I bet he lives in a better house, eats better food, sends his children to better schools all that but you… have yet another chain.

Don’t Let Other’s Think For You!


I say this with love not hate or condemnation. I want to see a better you, a better us, a better world.

One Post at a Time.

Peace, Love and Light Ya’ll

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At What Cost?

How far are we really willing to go?

How far are we really willing to go?

I say this with love not hate or condemnation. I want to see a better you, a better us, a better world.

One Post at a Time.

Peace, Love and Light Ya’ll

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